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With the goal of overall development for the district through professional rights, welfare and the promotion of entrepreneurs of trade and industry, the Makawanpur Chamber of Commerce & Industry (MCCI) was begun in 1966 (2023 BS).

MCCI is a representative organization of the private sector business community in the district. MCCI is a non-political, non-government and non-profit oriented organization aimed at the promotion of trade and Industry.

MCCI is committed to the promotion of commerce and industry in the region as well as the overall economic development of the country. MCCI has made significant contributions to trade and Industry in Makawanpur.

The organization has also been active in the field of social services for public benefit, receiving help and assistance from all public and private sectors. MCCI is an active affiliated member of the Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI).
Historical Background:

Makawanpur Chamber of Commerce and Industry was begun in 2023 BS (1966), formerly known as Makawanpur Byapar Sangh. The name Makawanpur Byapar Sangh (Makawanpur Business Organization) was later changed as per the advice given by Nepal Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Due to Increasing scope of Chamber the existing name was again changed to Chamber of Commerce Hetauda in the year 2024 BS. Again the Chamber is named as Makawanpur Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the year 2025. Since then MCCI has been actively involved in different fields.

The Chamber is situated at Hetauda Sub-Metropolitan, Ward No. 2 and was registered on 2037-08-02 according to company Act 2014.


  • Representing the views of its members on economic policies, plans and programs through regular dialogue with the concerned bodies.
  • Safeguarding the rights, interest and privileges of its members and business community.
  • Strengthening the capabilities of its members through providing training, seminar, interaction, meeting, and observation on current issues. Thus, protecting and    promoting trade and Industry.
  • Maintaining healthy & good relationships with the members Improving and disseminating technological and business information to its members and entrepreneurs.
  • Developing mutual relationships with administrative organizations at various levels.
  • Developing networks with local, national and international organizations for the benefit of the business community and society.
  • Organising fairs and exhibitions for the promotion, publicity, market identification of local and regional products.
  • Participation in social activities and to provide financial support and voluntary services in various fields, viz health, education, etc.


Organization Structure:

The highest policy making body of the MCCI is its General Assembly which generally meets on an annual basis.

The executive committee is the governing body of the chamber. It is composed of the President, Senior Vice President, 3 Vice Presidents, Secretary General, Treasurer, 3 Secretaries, Co-treasurer and 20 Executive Members. Three members are nominated in the executive committee out of them one member must be a Women Entrepreneur. The Immediate Past President is an ex-office member of the executive committee. The executive committee is formed by election every three years. The President, Vice-presidents and executive committee members are elected during the General Assembly.

The executive committee is a body of chamber which formulates and implements the plans and programs of the chamber. To make the work of the executive committee effective, sub committees are also formed as per different trades and sectors, so they can provide proper feedback, advice to the executive committee in order to formulate policies, plans, programs and budget for each financial year.

The executive committee is assisted by the following council and Committees.

- Makawanpur District Employer Council.

- Advisory.

- Commodity Coordination Committee.

- Women Entrepreneurs Development.

- Construction and Maintenance.
- International Relation.
- Member Increase Management.
- Price Determination.
- Crusher & Transport Management.
- Tourism Promotion.
- Agriculture Promotion.
- Training.
- Tax Management.
- Health Development.


Makawanpur Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Chamber Marga, Hetauda-2, Makawanpur, Bagamati Province, Nepal
Phone: 057-520310, 523310, 521110
Mobile: 9855070110
Email: [email protected]


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