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Organization Structure

The highest policy making body of the MCCI is its General Assembly which generally meets on an annual basis.

The executive committee is the governing body of the chamber. It is composed of President, Senior Vice President, 3 Vice Presidents, Secretary General, Treasurer, 2 Secretaries, Co-treasurer and 14 Executive Members. Three member are nominated in the executive committee out of them one member must be a Women Entrepreneur. The Immediate Past President in an ex-office member of the executive committee. The executive committee is formed by election every three years. The President, Vice-presidents and executive committee members are elected during the General Assembly.

The executive committee is body of chamber which formulates and implements the plans and programs of the chamber. To make the work of executive committee effective difference sub committees also formed as per different trades and sector, so they can provide proper feedback, advise to the executive committee in order to formulate policies, plans, programs and budget for each financial year.

The executive committee is assistance by following council and Committees.

Council :-
- Makawanpur District Employer Council.

- Advisory.
- Women Entrepreneurs Development.

 Committees :-

- Construction and Maintenance.
- PPP Management.
- ISO Management and International Relation.
- Member Increase Management.
- Business, Market & Entertainment Management.
- Price Determination.
- Crusher & Transport Management.
- Publication.
- Tourism Promotion.
- Agriculture Promotion.
- Training & Commodity Management.
- Tax Management.
- Child Welfare.
- Health & Social Development.